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Desiccant Masterbatches

Desiccant is an absorptive substance used as a drying agent. It is also known as Defoaming Masterbatch. Desiccant is a material that will attract and chemically bind moisture. As an oxygen absorber is to air, a desiccant is to moisture. Moisture sorption by silica gel is an example of physical adsorption, and sorption by calcium oxide is an example of a chemical reaction. The common process for using desiccants is to place a predetermined quantity of activated desiccant into containers with products and seal the containers.

Desiccant is an additive which has a moisture absorptive capacity of not less than 28.5% by weight. The feature which distinguishes it from other is that it will absorb a much greater amount of water vapour at a very low relative humidity than any other materials. Desiccant is most effective where there is a need of low critical humidity and where there is a high concentration of water vapour is there.

We at Shivam Polychem desiccant masterbatch manufacturer have a high tech laboratory, where the end product are tested by making Film & and checking parameters of moisture. Our lab is equipped with spectrophotometer, Injection moulding machine, lab extruder, two-roll mill, hydraulic Compression Press etc. We are leading Supplier, Exporter and Manufacturer of Desiccant Masterbatch. We have more than 20 years of experience in desiccants manufacturing. Desiccant Masterbatches can reduced the need for pre-drying of materials, allow processors to use recyclate with high moisture content and extend the control of processing moisture sensitive polymers. Desiccant master batches can antithetical problems which develop during the processing of plastics due to the presence of moisture.
Desiccant Masterbatch may be used to add and mix with the recycle materials before the plastic molding processing, which make us carry out molding processing without the drying process, so it is user-friendly, and can improve the construction efficiency and reduce energy expenditure.

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Desiccant Masterbatches Applications

Desiccant Masterbatches Applications
Agriculture Film Desiccant Masterbatches
Blown Films Desiccant Masterbatches
Blown Films Desiccant masterbatch Desiccant Masterbatches
Blow Moulding Desiccant Masterbatches
Blow Moulding Desiccant Masterbatches
Injection Moulding Desiccant Masterbatches
Injection Moulding Desiccant Masterbatches
HDPE Pipe desiccant Masterbatches
HDPE Pipe Desiccant Masterbatches
Desiccant for Tape Plant and tarpaulins
Tape Plant Desiccant Masterbatches

Advantages of Desiccants

  • It increases the surface gloss or improves it in a much better way.
  • It increases the strength of a product which ultimately helps the customer and growth of product as people intend to buy products which has durability.
  • It adds more filler
  • It also increases rate of production and provides efficiency and effectiveness in production.
  • It homogenizes the scraps of different rate flow which is really a good and beneficial.
  • It eliminates the problems that occur during the processing of plastic due to presence of moisture
  • It increases the level of filler addition which is really great.
  • It increases the level of retirement polymer addition.
  • It allows in providing automatic closing which is really beneficial.
  • It eliminates the problem related to porosity and lacing in products.
  • It can absorb water equal to 20% of its own weight which is really beneficial and helps a lot.
  • The addition rate should be 1-3% to get maximum benefits according to the requirement while manufacturing various products.
  • Uses of Desiccants

  • Injection Moulding – It is a process in which manufacturing is done for producing parts by injecting some kind of molten material into a mould. Injection moulding can be done with host of materials mainly including metals, glasses, etc.
  • Film lines – Desiccant Masterbatch is used in formation or in process for manufacturing film lines.
  • Sheets – Desiccant Masterbatch is used in manufacturing sheets.
  • Agricultural uses – Desiccant Masterbatch is also used in agriculture.
  • Used for Manufacturing Pipes – Desiccant Masterbatch is used in manufacturing of pipe and it is used world-wide for making pipes.
  • Used in Plastic industry worldwide – Desiccant Masterbatch is widely used in plastic industry which is present in all over world.
  • Sheet Extrusion – Desiccant Masterbatch is used widely and at a very large scale in extrusion of sheets which means raw material is melted and formed into a continuous profile which further helps in producing plastic films, sheets, etc.
  • Cast films – Desiccant master-batch is used in producing cast films.
  • Profile extrusion – It is different from sheet extrusion, products ranging from tubing to window frames to vehicle door seals are manufactured through the process of profile extrusion.
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